ECP Certified Clean

Treat every pre-owned and lease return vehicle in your inventory with the ECP Certified Clean Product


All Vehicles are eligible
• Removes cigarette and cigar smoke odor
• Eliminates airborne allergens such as mold, mildew and bacteria from the A/C vents
• Destroys food, pet, body, smoke, and any organic contaminate odors
• Leaves the A/C vents smelling clean and new


The active ingredient in ECP Certified Clean permanently attaches to the malodor molecule changing the molecular structure of the odor, so it can never again be released into the air we breathe. The product continues to work and the existing offensive odor will never return, unless reintroduced to the environment.

Programs and/or coverages may not be available in all areas, please inquire. Certain exclusions may apply, see a copy of the written warranty for complete details.

Available Documents:
Coverage Information